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Technical Bulletins & Tech Tips

Technical Bulletins (TB)/Tech Tips (TT) will be used to explain any new Special Provision, Details or issue as it relates to new or unique processes.

DNA Fusion Change Log

The team behind DNA Fusion is committed to the continued enhancement of our Software Solution Offerings. Includes FusionX Change Logs

SMS Change Log

A serialized listing of Changes included in various versions of SMS as well as Fixes applied to each version.

Quick Start Guides

Quick start guides are intended to help you deploy hardware quickly and efficiently.

Knowledge Articles

These are written and maintained by Open Options technicians and are a way of providing you with a clear and common understanding of our products.

Card Formats

A format describes what a number means, or how a number is used.

Product Bulletins

Important updates or changes to the support of products we utilize.

Glossary of Terms

Check out our glossary of common access control terms used in the industry and throughout Open Options products.


Download the latest versions of DNA Fusion, SMS, Flex API, Open DX, Drivers, etc.


Download the latest DNA Fusion and SMS Product Installation Manuals and user guides


Download helpful Tools for setup, configuration, and troubleshooting your system

Wiring Diagrams

Download system diagrams and CAD drawings for various configurations

Product Datasheets

Download individual product datasheets for all our products

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