DNA Fusion Version 6.1

RELEASE DATE(s): May 1, 2014- June 12, 2014



RELEASE DATE June 12, 2014
FIRMWARE REVISION 1.1.88 (SSP-D2/SSP-EP/DController/NController)
  • NEW! Added a new context menu to allow Removing/Returning a monitor point from service. When you remove it from service the icon will go to dark gray and the state icon changes to black. At this point the MP is essentially dead. No triggers, events, etc. will occur on the point. You can select multiple points or just one. The dialog you’ll see is consistent with the Temporary ACR override dialog allowing you to remove the point indefinitely, for a certain amount of minutes or until a specific time of day.
  • Added ability to Remove/Return monitor points from service from the Hardware Monitor View.
  • A new audit action has been added to note when a point was taken out of service.
  • Tooltips were updated to show how much time is left before the point is returned to service.
  • Fixed an issue where if you have the issue code auto incrementing it could be reset when the user updates the record after the print is complete.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple references on a badge template to the issue code would increment for each reference rather than just one for the badge.
  • Fixed the LastUsed field(s) are being updated by the Keycard object which can override the values inserted by the driver in some cases. If you have card/personnel record open, badge that card, and save the open record you would lose the last used data for that card.
  • Changed the default "offline" transactions to 50K for new controllers.
  • Fixed an issue where altering the system built Macro created by the Door Follows Time Schedule (add extra commands) will no longer throw off the Deactivate mode if you edit the Door Follows Time Schedule properties of a door.
  • Fixed an issue on systems with more than one client where updating floor groups could cause errors on other clients.
  • Updated the NPowerIDPrint.dll to improve the support of Issue code handling.
  • Improved the logging in the badging section to show much more detail to help diagnose badging issues.
  • Changed badging code to ensure that if an error was detected during print it would not perform updates to the Last Print Date nor would it update the issue code.
  • Fixed an issue where Badge Designer would crash if you tried to rotate an image.
  • Fixed focus issue in Time Schedule editor after expanding tables view.
  • Improved the flow in the badging process. For instance, if creating a new badge it will automatically save the record if you print the badge and you should have less need to right click and update records during the process.
  • Added SQL script item to remove any sites with -1 value when the upgrade is run.
  • Fixed several issues with Site Dialog and the creation of sites, the most important being an issue that causes a -1 site to be created in some situations.
  • Fixed an issue with DNARegServer where it incorrectly fabricated the paths of the COM objects to register.
  • Fixed an issue scanning for cameras in Milestone server. If the camera had an apostrophe in the name it would not return cameras.
  • Added a new point icon to the Hardware Monitor View. This is shown in the Address Column and uses the same icon we use on the Tree.
  • Fixed an issue causing crash when selecting multiple items in the hardware tree with the Door Mode toolbar enabled.
  • Fixed an incorrect menu image for Photo Recall window 4.
  • Changed the logic in Client to reduce the amount of UI updating that occurs when door events (or status) comes in. In some cases this could either slow or lock up clients for periods of time.
  • Fixed an issue where Dual Port Control would not be enabled properly. It should be allowed on SSP-E, DController (IP only), SSP-D2 and SSP-EP.
  • Fixed an issue causing new controllers to default to an alternate channel of 3.
  • Fixed an issue with Graphics Maps not obeying Time Schedule Sets.
  • Fixed an issue with Graphics Maps having icons disappearing after closing and re-opening.
  • Reworked sections of the driver to minimize the chance of locking up clients when the Mercury DLL becomes unstable. This was seen when the Mercury Driver is trying to resolve unqualified network names, especially with large quantities of controllers.
  • Added code to the driver to ensure network names are fully qualified. If an SSP address is non serial and is not an IP address or a fully qualified name then by default the name will have the default DNS domain from the server appended to the address. The best solution for customers is to have the address be IP based or be fully qualified by default, but this will help catch the situations where this is not adhered to.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrectly disabling the Connect on Secondary port menu item in the hardware tree.
  • Added support for manually disconnecting the secondary channel.
  • Fixed an issue with Personnel Access Report causing it to fail on SQL 2000.
  • Changed verbiage on Event 29 from ‘Fault: Offline’ to ‘Offline or Out of Service.’

RELEASE DATE May 6, 2014
FIRMWARE REVISION 1.1.88 (SSP-D2/SSP-EP/DController/NController)
  • Fixed an issue where removing an access level from an Access Level Group would not remove the level.
  • Fixed an issue on SQL 2000 where full card downloads would error out.
  • Fixed an Issue adding Person to a Personnel Group with Default Access Levels containing Access Level Groups would not properly assign the groups to the new users.
  • Fixed an issue in the Last Used Report that prevented users with Group Only access from showing up.
  • Fixed an issue where Non Use Report could show incorrect results if you only had Group Access on cards.
  • Changed behavior of the “Other” window in the Personnel View. The horizontal scroll bar has been removed and it now word wraps and the ENTER key creates a new line rather than CTRL+ENTER
  • Fixed an issue in the Update Script that would cause an error message if user had installed and run the new Web Companion App.
  • Added new NPowerIDPrint.dll that allows script to change images.
  • Added extra checks in the ASSA Tree for menu item updates in the case there is no selected item.

RELEASE DATE May 1, 2014
FIRMWARE REVISION 1.1.88 (SSP-D2/SSP-EP/DController/NController)
  • NEW! Persistent Access Level Groups.  Access Level Groups can now be added and removed to cards and groups and are persistent across all of DNA Fusion.
  • NEW! Added Suprema Biometric Integration.   This integration launches the Suprema enrollment dialog from the cardholder screen and passes cardholder information to simplify enrollment.
  • NEW! Updated Mercury Firmware for DController, D2, EP and M5IC to version
  • NEW! Added New Report for ASSA and Allegion Doors showing Serial Number.
  • NEW! Added Integration to March Networks DVR to include live and archived video playback, PTZ control, and scan for cameras option.
  • Reworked all the different methods of removing access levels to properly handle Persistent Access Level Groups.
  • Added ability to right click on card in the personnel browser and edit access without having to open the personnel record.   Also added the ability to remove all access in the same manner.
  • Added exception handling around license oriented COM object calls.
  • Fixed an issue with operator filters not forcing the system to re-evaluate filters.
  • Resized the DVR and camera dialogs
  • Improved the Hardware Status  on the hardware browser
  • Added mechanism to capture transactions for improved troubleshooting.
  • Fixed an issue in DVR Browser that could cause ‘Improper Argument’ errors when logging in/out
  • Removed the ability to create a profile with no name
  • Cleaned up the Add Profile Dialog
  • Fixed an issue that prevented drag/drop of IP Cameras and “orphaned” IP Cameras
  • Added new fields to the database to better support FlexAPI
  • Added an Audit Action for removing an access level.
  • Fixed an issue with dragging Door to Macro and setting up a macro to set the LED Index.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect mask on ASSA Custom Corporate 1000 Card Formats
  • Changed the way Daylight Savings time data is created so that it calculates it rather than forcing the use of Database Scripts
  • Cleaned up the Daylight Savings Time Dialog
  • Fixed an issue with Personnel Drop Downs (Location, Site,etc.) where the first item you add via the context menu would not save.
  • Added a refresh button to the context menu of the Personnel record Drop Downs to allow user to reload values w/o having to restart client.
  • Fixed an issue where Issue Code and Deactivation Dates would be enabled when user did not have access to them.
  • Fixed an issue where controlling a Time Schedule Set with ID > 63 from the TS Browser would control the wrong set.
  • Added a create date column to the doors table for use in reporting
  • Added a new Report to show both ASSA and Schlage/Allegion Serial Numbers
  • Updated the Personnel Report to fix issue with the SQL excluding personnel not in groups.
  • Fixed an issue in Access Level Grid that could cause system instability.
  • Fixed an issue linking site where garbage data would appear if you’re trying to link a second site.
  • Fixed an issue with dropping personnel on Events Grid, where it would not necessarily show cards for a user if the card number had been changed.
  • Improved the Printing capability of the Trace History dialog.
  • General improvements in Fusion ID and ID Badging.
  • Improved filtering mechanism used on Events Grid
  • Fixed several issues with re-assigning cards using Tenants
  • Fixed an issue with Card Number Filters allowing the addition of duplicate cards via Search. Remove and Remove All buttons should be grayed out when the list is empty.
  • Updated Mercury SIO firmware
  • Fixed an issue that caused the toolbar configuration to go away.
  • Improved the way Graphics maps use context sensitive menus
  • Fixed issues with using the ‘Direct Control’ option for controlling door modes from a graphics map.
  • Added the ‘Override Mode’ and ‘Cancel Override Mode’ options to the available modes you can select from the Direct Control Dialog.
  • Fixed an issue in Direct Control dialog when launched from the hardware tree with multiple doors selected that could allow you to perform operations you did not have access to.
  • Fixed the ‘Cancel Override Mode’ option if you have selected multiple doors.
  • Changed the maximum site to 63.
  • Added an audit action for Cancelling Temporary Override Mode
  • Fixed an error that could happen on the Alarms Dispatch Text screen if you right click and ‘Add Text’ when you have predefined Text turned on.
  • Fixed an issue with direct command editor when upgrading from 5.x.   The command shown in the editor may be incorrect for existing entries, which would cause issues if it was edited and saved.
  • Updated the Badging Client to address Windows 8 (UAC) incompatibility issue.
  • Updated the Firmware for the M5-8RP to address issues found in field with bad card reads.    Version is 1.56.7
  • Added new canned report for showing Last Used for a given Access Level
  • Made internal changes to allow new Web Client Companion to coexist with existing stations and simplify the badging licensing.
  • Fixed numerous issues related to Holidays including support up to 365 days, explicit date ranges and display of Holidays in the Holiday Browser.
  • Changed nomenclature on context menus for Access Levels and Access Level Groups for finding who is assigned to “Assigned to…” to be consistent.
  • Added Audit Actions for removing Access Level From Group, Adding Access Level to Group, Removing an Access Level Group and Creating an Access Level Group