DNA Fusion Version 6.5

RELEASE DATE(s): June 7, 2016- June 21, 2016



RELEASE DATE June 21, 2016
FIRMWARE REVISION 1.2.12 (SSP-D2/SSP-EP/DController/NController)

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected an issue with Port 2 on new SSP-LX
  • SSP-LX tooltip was showing SSP-D2
  • Deleting an SIO that belongs to an SSP-LX caused an error
  • BioMetric records not downloading to Panels when using Global Access Levels
  • Adding a Global Access level group to a card via repeatable queries
  • Changed Verbiage on the Controller Properties related to Downstream Ports

RELEASE DATE June 15, 2016
FIRMWARE REVISION 1.2.12 (SSP-D2/SSP-EP/DController/NController)

Bug Fixes

  • When using Tenants and grouping Personnel Records by Company, Department, etc. would show nodes for elements that didn’t exist in tenant group.
  • Bosch/DMP Points on Graphics Maps to not reflect correct alarm state correct for certain objects.
  • NDE Gateway attached to primary downstream port on SSP-EP also fixed secondary port at 9600 baud.

RELEASE DATE June 7, 2016
FIRMWARE REVISION 1.2.12 (SSP-D2/SSP-EP/DController/NController)

New/Improved Features

  • Allegion NDE Gateway Integration
  • Allegion ONR (Over the network) Firmware Downloads. This is for the PIM, as well as Reader/Locks
  • SSP-LX (Mercury EP4502) Integration
  • Archiving Service Renovation and Update
  • Updated Video Insight Integration
  • Acti Video Integration
  • Improved Avigilon Integration
  • Added Turnstile Door Type
  • Added ability to assign cardholder to Global Access Level when card belongs to non-authorized tenant
  • Replaced camera recording mechanism used by Host Based Macros to new method supported by Camera Events
  • Added the ability to hide "system" generated one-time events from dialog. Specifically, the MP Out of Service feature
  • Added the ability to Track SSP Cabinet and Power Tamper Status on Graphics Maps
  • You can now drag a door to a Global Access Level Via Drag and Drop to add it to that level
  • ASSA Credentials now work using any of the "Multi FC" or Corporate Card Modes
  • PIN Numbers for ASSA access events hidden in the events grid
  • Added support for Product ID and Encryption Status and clean up the SIO Status Dialog
  • Improved Crash Reporting/Logging
  • Added Auditing of Direct Command Maintenance (Add/Edit/Remove)
  • Added functionality so that Camera Events Module does not have to be restarted to see changes in Camera Events flags
  • Improved Card Number Search by adding option to display all user's cards.
  • Implemented theme support for the Access Group Member Dialog
  • Improved the methodology used with NT Authentication
  • Improved event/alarm email function
  • Added new report for Controller Daylight Saving time
  • Increased NDE reader/inputs/outputs from 5 to 10 doors

Firmware Updates

  • SSP-EP, SSP-D2, SSP-LX, DController -
  • PW6K1IC, PRO3200 -
  • M5-IC -
  • RSC-1 - 1.52.14
  • RSC-2 - 1.57.5
  • RSC-DT - 1.63

NOTE: When upgrading older firmware to newer firmware prior to 1.20.8 it is recommended that the card database size be left at the default of 16 MB.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several issues with IN/OUT doors.
  • Can't add a holiday to a holiday set.
  • Situation Level Host Based Macro Not Working
  • Inovonics: Stale non-programmed Inovonics monitor points still logged
  • Inovonics: Monitor Points states not showing
  • Inovonics point shows control point icon in events grid
  • REX Status stays active on hardware tree when reset
  • Added Edit, Add, Remove Audit Actions for Triggers and Macros
  • Issue with recurring schedules on downloads
  • Door Properties: Door Objects >> Strike is not saved
  • Tenants: Non-Tenants do not default to Tenant 1
  • Add channel from the Add SSP >> causes error
  • Global Access Level access level description: Time Schedule instead of Door is displayed
  • Hardware Linkage won't save on point object when video container is on graphics map.
  • DVR and Camera permissions don't affect the DVR Browser
  • Can't set situation level settings when editing multiple cards
  • If tenants is enabled, but no tenants are defined you will see an SQL error when opening the Events Grid
  • Acknowledging Alarms from DMP points on a graphics map do not work
  • MSMQ fails to install on some versions of Windows
  • MSMQ Errors on opening queue did not show the Queue Name properly
  • PIN Code reads did not show the correct information in the Events Grid (i.e. Keypad PIN)
  • Non-Use Report could cause issues due to incorrectly named temporary tables
  • Only one card page per user displayed on Double Click
  • Unable to Add New Door Template Via Hardware->Templates menu item
  • Alarm Panel Events (Bosch/DMP) do not show correct address on Alarm Events
  • External Alarm Points (DMP/Bosch) are incorrectly handled by Acknowledgement Dialog/Control Option
  • Right click editing of external alarm points (DMP/Bosch) from the Events Grid did not pull up the correct editor
  • Dragging a macro to a graphics map did not appear to create a button on the map
  • Editing Peripheral Objects from Alarms Grid did not work
  • Issue with incorrect macro naming
  • Serious error when trying to edit 'HyperLink' on Point Objects
  • SIO Version numbers (in Status Dialog) showing incorrectly
  • Issues with using the Direct Commands Editor when operator does not have rights
  • Card Tab does not show the door name on Global Access Levels
  • Host Based Camera Recording Fails after editing an existing Macro's details
  • Using extended card types can cause unpredictable results on the Access Level Group Membership Dialog
  • When using Tenants and grouping Personnel Records by Company, Department, etc. would show nodes for elements that didn’t exist in tenant group.
  • Bosch/DMP Points on Graphics Maps to not reflect correct alarm state correct for certain objects.