DNA Fusion Version 7.5

RELEASE DATE(s): December 20, 2018- February 12, 2019



RELEASE DATE February 12, 2019


  • Now allows HTTPS based Host Based Macros to accept self-signed certificates
  • Updated UI tools (BCG) to latest version 27.30
  • Improved COM Object exception handling and improved an error that would occur on certain calls during logging
  • Added audit for Add/Remove Personnel Groups
  • Added PTZ control to 3xLogic video integration
  • Added "Camera Where Used" feature in the DVR Tree Panel
  • Improved the Scan for Cameras option to be more selective
  • ENGAGE - Added the ability to set times for Engage Gateway Firmware Download and Implementation
  • Added "Clear" and "Dismiss" to the Graphics Window Context Menu
  • Improved the Scan for Cameras option to be more selective
  • thyssenkrupp floor groups and access levels now show on the "Time Zone Where Used" report
  • Company list should show company names instead of company IDs on the Printed Badges report
  • OpenDX - Increased the database timeout from 30 seconds to 3 minutes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Printed Badges report did not show personnel without a company
  • Fixed an issue where Doors report did not show ISONAS doors
  • Fixed an issue where when running "Where Used" from a time schedule on the hardware browser (under SSP) would result in an error message
  • Fixed an issue where when a 200-bit format is configured for a controller the PIV-I cards weren't encoded properly
  • Fixed an issue where an NSC-200 incorrectly allowed Controller DHCP Mode
  • Fixed an issue with Inovonics where input points of same ID but from a different SSP could not be added
  • Fixed an issue with MPG dialog not saving description
  • Fixed an issue where an operator is unable to turn off the 'Default' flag on extended card formats (seen for Engage and Schindler)
  • Fixed an issue where the default facility code set in Personnel Properties (Corporate Mode, etc.) was not properly being populated on new cards
  • Fixed an error that would occur when creating a new keycard and then removing it before saving
  • Fixed an issue where editing PSIA Hardware no longer showed doors, just inputs and outputs
  • Fixed an issue where HIK integration and new UI tools conflicted causing DNAFusion to crash
  • Fixed an issue where removing a Mercury door removed the door from access levels, but it did not re-download impacted access levels
  • Fixed an issue where an error in the archiving process would not prevent that days data from being deleted
  • Fixed Watch Window to update Cards for Engage related events
  • Fixed so that double-clicking on Engage Access Events (and Get Note) work like they do on Mercury events
  • Fixed an issue where changing only the Case of an Global Access Level description would result in a message that the access level already existed and couldn't be changed
  • Fixed an issue where Global Access Level Dialog would allow an operator to add doors to an access level when using filters
  • Fixed an issue where adding the first Global Access Level did not show on the tree w/o switching tabs
  • Bosch Mode II Integration - Fixed an issue where Launching Home Page on an alarm did not work
  • OpenDX - Fixed an issue with Mercury card downloads not occuring when access is added to an existing card via Default Access Levels on Personnel Group

RELEASE DATE December 20, 2018

New Features

  • Schindler Elevator Integration
  • Allegion backend support for ENGAGE IP Gateway (Full release Q1 2019)
  • Added support for Wacom STU-430 pad
  • Added ability to run 'Who Has Access on multiple Doors', Change how Access Levels column is exported and added Trigger Code Column
  • Added the ability to exclude a card from the Non-Use Report based on a date
  • ISONAS - Added Support for some of the new extended Settings (StrikeMode, Fail Secure (RC-04 only), and No Pulse Strike on Rex


  • Added the ability to delay command in a macro (Merc) in increments of 0.10 seconds
  • Added Support for Mercury's new Override Card
  • Changed "Who Has Access" and "Trace History" reports Non-Modal
  • Improved the Add Cardholder Photo Dialog
  • Added a free form Notes field to the Doors (Ntext) dialog so that users can type much more data that would be allowed in the Description Column
  • Added a free form Notes Field to the Triggers Dialog/Table
  • Added free form Notes field to Macros Table/Dialog
  • Added Notes Button to the DNAOperator profiles
  • Updated the DNAUpdateService to a new .Net version to eliminate the issues seen on some systems with 100% CPU Utilization
  • Updated Situation Manager to allow 'No Change' for cards
  • Added key fields to restored archived transactions (SrcSystem, PackedAddress, UserID, HdwAddr, etc.)
  • Added ability to auto-refresh Time Zones after a reset or power cycle
  • Added latest IAU utility to the DNA Install
  • Engage: Added a low battery orange diamond state to the door icon
  • ISONAS - Added support for Time Schedule Sets to the Isonas Controllers
  • ISONAS - Added Auto Unlock and First Badge Unlock to the Where Used dialog for Isonas Doors
  • ISONAS - Improved language on events that returned certain event codes
  • ISONAS - Added support for Lock Isolator (EDK)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with F5 Shortcut key not working in the Alarms Screen - It should trigger the Acknowledge Alarm
  • Fixed an issue where the Time Schedule "Where Used Report" shows only mercury related doors
  • Fixed an issue with Trigger/Macro controlling time schedule not working
  • Fixed - ASSA DSR Utility causes issues when run on a site with Multiple DSRs
  • Fixed - With Time Schedules are Filtered creating a new Schedule could allow you to create a schedule that already exists
  • Fixed an issue where checkbox on the Situation Level Dialog is visible when it should be hidden (or deleted)
  • Fixed an issue with SWH Bridge boards not communicating via TB1
  • Fixed - If you have the Doors Toolbar visible and select multiple doors, then change the mode on them, you will have multiple buttons depressed.
  • Fixed - Running the DNA Install can result in the license file not containing all elements
  • Fixed - Creating a Secured Area where the newly created triggers exceed the maximum allowed stored quantity would enter and invalid entry in the database
  • Fixed - Editing a graphics objects "Linked Object Properties" causes any "Name" options to be lost.
  • Added ability to set the name of a graphic item linked to hardware to the underlying hardware's name/description
  • Fixed - Adding photos from badging tab manually overwrites photo 1 rather than adding additional photo
  • ASSA - System allowed user to store Day Periods with either no days checked or no time periods added. This causes errors with the DSR
  • Fixed - The "Explicit TimeSchedule Filtering" setting was not being saved to the database.
  • Fixed - System allowed user to create more than 255 Trigger Code definitions, which could cause memory overwrites, etc.
  • Fixed - Unable to apply Door Follows Time Schedule or First Card Unlock to Elevators
  • Fixed - For some macros created on elevators (esp. Door Follows TS and First Card Unlock) the Macros grid would incorrectly show the address as door and show an incorrect Description
  • Fixed - If you group your alarms grid by priority and right click in the group by area the app crashes
  • Fixed - If the database is updated by one client it's possible other clients will crash when refreshing the hardware tree
  • Fixed - Using Inovonics Monitor Points can cause issues in Macros when any point greater than 16 is chosen
  • Fixed an issue where users can no longer remove time schedules
  • Fixed - If graphic video tooltip has a width and height of zero we were still creating the camera object for the tooltip
  • Fixed an issue where activating a card via the 'Activate' checkbox is not properly updating the screen to remove the 'Reason Why' drop down
  • Fixed an issue with the port number on DVRs always defaulting to 8000
  • ISONAS - Fixed an issue where system allows user to assign time schedules greater than 32 to an Isonas Access Level
  • ISONAS - Added Support for Time Schedules with mode Scan - Honor Day of Week
  • ISONAS Driver - Fixed an issue where it did not support card based Host Based Macros