DNA Fusion Version 8.0

RELEASE DATE: April 23, 2021

RELEASE DATE April 23, 2021


  • Extend the number of Custom Reports from 20 to 100
  • Add the Engage Extended Modes to the Tooltip (Store Room, Apt, Privacy, Office, etc.)
  • Create Legacy Access Level Converter Utility
  • Changed the behavior of the "Suppress Software Maintenance Warnings" checkbox to it's enabled even after the SWM is expired.
  • Add Category to Direct Commands
  • Make Immediate page the default page in Door, Output and Input Control Dialogs
  • Add the ability for the Schindler Integration to support multiple Systems (end points)
  • Update Mercury Driver to
  • Add WSDL request for the DSR Call Back to satisfy the DSR - Everything worked, but it would show the EAC offline
  • Minor cosmetic changes to the Active Card Dialog
  • Replace UI elements "Personnel" with "Cardholder" and "Keycard" with"Credential"
  • Add Logic to force NT Authentication globally when using DNAFusion in cloud environment
  • Replace Door Description with Door Name on the header of Trace History, Resized the Dialog (bigger), Column Auto Size Turned on
  • Convert List of Master Groups to a Tree in Cardholder - Schindler Report
  • Increased the default Elevator Swipe Threshold (Kone and TKE) from 10 to 60 seconds
  • Add Email to Operator
  • Display Error Message when report file is in use in Custom Report Configuration
  • Add Where clause to the Restored Event History report
  • Add initial support for triggering TTL1 based card swipe and time of day - DB Updates only for now, UI and driver coming next
  • Add initial support for Kone DCS Group compatibility - Up to 5 Controllers
  • Add support for triggering TTL1 based card swipe and time of day
  • Add field to all held time to be different than strike time for Isonas Controllers
  • Change the default 'Welcome to DNA Fusion' HTML page shown in the HTML Viewer to point to our online Integrations page
  • Change the event "Access Granted: Door Used" to be more meaningful for an Elevator
  • Change the elevator floor selector events from Mercury to be more meaningful - They currently show as REX events
  • Added OmniKey USB Enrollment Reader Support (requires separate Install for support files)
  • Allow Morpho Enrollment to proceed without User and Password
  • Add an option to show/hide Inactive cards on the Has Access To Report
  • Create a Utility to schedule the backup of the DNAFusion database
  • Ensure the "Prompt for Control Text on Pulse" checkbox is disabled on the Elevator Control Dialog if operator does not have rights to do this.
  • Add logic so we don't prevent adding a 17th time schedule to a set (because of Engage) when that set is the default set
  • Improve the speed of expanding the Access Level Group node, especially on larger sites.


Hot Fixes

  • The "Where Used" for Host Based Macros showed the Description rather than name for Isonas and Engage Doors
  • Isonas Doors do not show up in the Non-Use Report when using Filters
  • Buttons on the Non-Use Infoready Dialog did not anchor properly when dialog was resized.
  • Non-Use report generated SQL errors when using Tenants
  • When setting up or editing Filters, user is unable to select Isonas Doors in some situations
  • Global Access Level rows text hard to read when in Dark Theme and in conflict (yellow background)
  • Date in Daily Card Usage report is not properly sorted
  • Precision Access Levels for doors over 32 would not be created correctly (lost high order bit)
  • Tenant "Group By" does not work for Deactivation Date, Activation Date, Vacation, Last Used Address, Last Used Day
  • Personnel Schindler report does not work (Invalid MasterGroup column)
  • The Trace History Info Ready dialog will repeat the Employee ID and/or SSN in some cases
  • User can close Personnel Record despite having "Required" Custom Fields that are not filled in
  • Date Time Picker missing in Date/Time Range tab of Event History UI
  • Default Facility Code is superseded by External Default Facilty Code (e.g. Engage Default FC settings)
  • Card Numbers Parameter missing from Event History Report
  • Incorrect Event Source value(s) in exported Event History Report
  • Clean up incorrect help text on some menu items
  • Log the "Access Granted - Door Not Used" for Floors with floor selection as something more meaningful
  • SSP Logins (Overwatch, etc) are not being removed from the panel if they're removed from the database
  • ALL hardware still shows in Reports when Filters/Tenants are on.
  • Default menu for a ThysennKrupp Floor Group Floor is incorrect
  • Internal States on Monitor Points can get out of sync after power loss
  • Door Control Dialog does not show any indicator you're in an override mode
  • Door Control dialog does not update the armed/disarmed status when the state is changed from a different workstation/method
  • Floor names shown in the Elevator Control Dialog can be off
  • Tenants Settings: Allow Edit/Control states should not be controlled by Allow shared SSPs state.
  • Sorting Hardware Tree by description breaks Elevator's Inputs/Outputs
  • The Schindler Driver status could change the name of other hardware's nodes
  • Photo Recall is not showing transaction time
  • Isonas Door: Disable Extended page for Controller type RC-04
  • And endless can occur when expanding Access Level Groups if filters are being used and there are not access level groups operator has access to
  • Global Access Level Details Report is missing Isonas and Engage Doors
  • Card Holder - Card Information Report missing "Corporate" Mode
  • Who Has Access Door(s) Report is Missing Isonas and Engage Doors
  • Daily Card Usage Report not showing Card Usage for Isonas Doors
  • Add new permission for Credential Format on the Card Dialog
  • Cardholder - Printed Badges and Cardholder - Cardless Reports work only when no parameters are selected (ALL)

Isonas Driver (

  • Add TTL1 support to the RC03 and IPBridge - St. Tammany
  • Add support for “Held time” setting which allows door held to be longer than strike time


Engage Driver (

  • In certain download situations the Auto Unlock schedules can be removed from the lock
  • Invalid data can cause the card download process to abort with errors
  • Card numbers greater than 32 bits would not encode correctly or cause errors
  • Creating a door with more than 30 characters in the name will fail to import
  • Engage Gateway firmware version is not updating on the Gateway dialog
  • Firmware for some Engage Locks would not download properly (specifically lebmb, lemb, lemd, lems, ndeb)

Bosch Driver (

  • Improve the message handling for inbound commands, upgrade dependencies, and improve logging

Schindler Driver (

  • SCH-0000 - Modified functionality to allow multiple Schindler Port systems from one DNA Driver
  • More details in this Wiki: https://openoptions.atlassian.net/l/c/1WrLfFdf


Kone Driver (

  • Add initial support for Kone DCS Group compatibility - Up to 5 Controllers


TKE Driver (

  • Updated all dependencies to the latest versions, Added SQL Changes so if driver is updated when running an older version of DNAFusion (pre it will create the necessary columns for that version of the Driver.
  • Added logging around the initial heartbeat


  • Correct Built-In Tools configuration file causing the DNAQueues tool to be disabled.
  • Add IPWorks20.dll to the Tools folder to ensure DNAConsoleAgent.exe works properly.
  • Update Install for batch printer - Latest BCG files
  • Add Milestone .Net Conversion Tool to the Built-In Tools Menu
  • Add Legacy Access Level Converter Tool to the Built-In Tools Menu
  • Add BackupDBScheduleScript Tool to the Built-In Tools Menu
  • Add ASSA Access Level Converter Tool to the Built-In Tools Menu
  • Add AD 133 Firmware Package for ONR updates of AD400/300 locks