DNA Fusion Ver. 8.1.1

RELEASE DATE: February 22, 2022

Release Date April 6, 2022
Mercury Firmware (LP4502, LP1502, LP1501, LP2500)


  • Allowed status messages to flow to the FlexV2 named pipe even if the legacy "Use DNA Web" flag is turned off

  • Added support for the Reports service to the OOLogs and OO Log Archive Utilities

  • Added support for additional column types to the Command Line OODataExtract utility

  • Ensured upgrading DNAFusion also attempts to upgrade the Compatibility Level of the database to 2012 if necessary

  • Added support in the SIO Status dialog for the new Mercury MR52 S3-B

  • Reworked the Direct Commands user interface to be easier to use
  • Fixed the new AutoEdit drop down replacements (Location, Department, etc.) 
  • Report Scheduler: Gave the user the option to set the name of the scheduled report
  • Improved the auto activation process to remove potential timing issues on some sites
  • Added Building Name fields to the Doors table.

  • Changed the default behavior of the APB location download to card downloads so it does not alter the location.

  • Made State and Country of Personnel Records Editable.

    • The DNASettings “SettingName” for this is

      Update APB Location on Card Download

      1C:...\Tools>dnaset -n="Update APB Location on Card Download" -nv=1

  • Added the ability for APB doors to set areas across controller boundaries (i.e. Global APB)

  • Improved the internal font handling for non-Western fonts (i.e., Greek, Turkish, etc.). This will be ongoing more releases to be announced.

Hot Fixes 

  •  Fixed some issues with new Report Scheduling
  • Added missing dependency to the OO Data Extract Utility Install
  • Fixed crash when creating Control Point Activate Macro on Mercury controller
  • It was possible to download a non-supported Extended Mode to a Mercury door in some rare scenarios
  • When using Global APB an "Access Granted Door not used" would still trigger area changes 
  • Corrected the floor list when creating a Macro to pulse floors

  • Added WiQ gateway, it could incorrectly limit MSP1 devices on normal downstream ports on the LP4502

  • Limited Homepage, Alarm Media, Alarm Text and Description of Input, Output and Door to 255 characters

  • Errors when selecting Direct Control Dialog and Temporary Unlock profile not allowed

  • Corrected issues with a couple of scenarios in the DB (for instance having DB values prior to current year would result in incorrect current year data)

  • Depending on the configuration, floor names in the Control Dialog for Elevators had incorrect names
  • Orphan button showed up on upper left corner of Scheduler Dialog
  • Preventing operators from logging in when they have no profile
  • Double-click functionality on the hardware tree did not seem to obey the permissions
  • Daylight savings time was not calculated correctly in some time zones (Europe) when using created ‘Defaults’ via the UI
    • In addition to the above fix for some locals the DST logic has changed in a few other ways as well. The install and update SQL scripts will no longer truncate the table and insert 4 years of data.  The update script will remove any entries in the DaylightSavings table that are expired however. When downloading DST data, If the driver cannot find a DST record for a controller for the current year, it will calculate the start/end dates based on the Windows Time Zone settings for the server.  So, if the controller resides in a location that uses different start/stop days than the server’s time zone you’ll want to manually enter the dates for the controller via the UI.  This would be rare as you’d have to have the server and panels in different countries (US and Europe for instance).  All time zones in the US calculate the dates the same way.
  • Auto Complete Edit must use a no case comparison scheme
  • "Scan for Cameras" crashed when DVR support files are missing
  • Scheduled Reports From/To Dates were not being saved
  • Invalid OEM Code Detection had not worked properly
  • Macros Editor: Floor drop down list in Elevator: Floor Pulse command not showing floors
  • Added built-in allowance for Vanderbilt-US OEM Code
  • Move the configuration of the Mercury Input Scanner Conversion Table to DNA
    • Under the main menu ‘Hardware/Supervised Inputs you’ll see a screen similar to the older ScpIcvtSetup.exe for creating custom tables.  You can create as many tables as you like, and you link them to individual controllers via a new option in the controller properties.  Thus, unlike the older method where you could create 4 tables and they were downloaded to all controllers, each controller can have it’s own tables.  For sites that already have custom tables: when the upgrade script is run any existing setting will be converted and all controllers will be linked these tables so that things will run as they had.
  • Added 408 event when Direct Commands are executed via FlexV2 - Supports Last Executed Date Logic
  • Migrated DNA DSR Utility to .NET 4.8 and switched component library from Telerik to DevExpress
  • Host Based Macro Use Limit: Resets Use Limit to all cards.

  • Auto Complete Edits do not allow editing to new text

  • Hid Context Menu on Dispatch Text

  • Built-In Tools incorrectly excluded items that were not marked as Server Only

  • VRINX Point Assignment Defaults differed from DNAFusion Standard

  • Expired holidays were downloaded to Mercury Panels

  • Multi-Edit buttons for stop dates on the Credential page were out of position

  • "Enroll Current Card (Morpho)" menu was not showing in Card page

  • Filters not being properly converted for FlexV2 use when upgrading (i.e. UniqueKeys were blank)

  • When selecting a Legacy Access Level in a filter, the unique key was not being assigned

  • Inovonics Points are missing from Filter Setup 
  • Door “SubGroups” showing subgroups belonging to the wrong site 
  • Fixed when there are no integrations that require External card formats the credential screen just asks for Hot stamp and not Card Number 
  •  Fixed being unable to see the full photo path in the Add Cardholder Photo dialog 
  •  Default photo name in Photo ID cannot be configured unless Badge Tab is allowed Fixed 
  •  Fixed wrong Time Schedule/ Holiday Context Menus when Time Schedule/Holiday Tabs moved 
  •  Fixed MAC Address On SSP Properties needs to be limited to DB MAC Address size ( 20 chars) 
  •  Fixed card Number still displayed when under Corporate mode and Card Field Operator Profile is set to none 
  • Fixed template Type for In/Out door creates normal door 
  •  Fixed expanding a Bosch Panel in the DNA Client Hardware window can be very slow if there are many areas, points, etc. 
  •  Fixed filtered-out Doors under Precision Access Levels are still displayed in Card Record 
  •  Fixed when doors on a Global Access Level are "unavailable" the current user profile they should not be able to drop down the time schedule combo 
  • Added Fusion X license count to DNA Fusion Help/About Screen  
  • Fixed the "Custom Personnel Cards - UID" report showing all Access Levels regardless of selections 
  • Fixed event Grid Index Selection Dialog causes an error since 
  • Fixed the Salient DVR Thread in the driver that could not be started due to issues instantiating the underlying Salient Controls shutting down the driver would be slowed down 
  • Fixed the Bosch Area Descriptions saving to the database but not showing up when editing an area 
  • Added the ability to edit the start/stop times for a Scheduled Event without having to delete and re-enter 
  • Fixed the active cardholder report not returning correct results when tree is Grouped by Company, Location or Department 
  • Fixed when creating a new card and deactivating an old card ensuring old PIN is removed from the deactivated card 
  • OSDP Linkage not working on Elevators 
  • Fixed resetting Duress Digit according to Duress PIN Mode 
  • Fixed pressing ESC on a report parameter tab that has a Tree control on it (Access Levels, Controllers, etc.) blanking out the screen. 
    Fixed needing to add Duplicate Card verification for non-Auto mode cards 
  • Fixed validation in Time Schedules that prevent entering a start time greater than end time for an interval 
  • Added %HOMEPAGE% to the available replaceable parameters used in the driver for HBM 
  • Fixed the issue where users are able to remove a Global Access Level when it contains doors they don't have access to 
  • Fix in Inovonics where the point descriptions were in the wrong sequence in Graphics Map Linked Objects 
  • Operators with no rights to assign access levels can’t get around this by 'Adding Card' from the 'Assigned To' dialog for an Access Level 
  • Added operator permissions for the Promote SSP (Controller) option 
  • Fix in Inovonics where  "Remove From Service" was disabled in Input Points 
  • Fixed when an Engage download process completed the node in the hardware tree changes to just the Gateway Name 
  • Fixed Mercury Doors where the insure 'Format to Nibble Array' is never turned by default 
  • Fixed external events sent through MSMQ that would lose the last digit of the Hardware “UniqueKey” 
  • Time Zones statuses, particularly on the SSP Status page (as opposed to the tree), could possibly be off (and usually would be off for Time Zone 255) 
  • Fix in Inovonics where adding input points via “Manage Input Points” caused related “Monitor Points” to go out of sync 
  • Added the ability to run the “AutoExpire” utility from the command line unattended (i.e. via Scheduled Task) 
  • Fixed when adding a door (first on SSP) to a global access level when “Download on Demand” is active should of downloaded the assigned cards but wouldn’t. 
  • Fixed where setting “Allow Remove All Access From Card" would not follow the "Cardholder Actions" User Profile 
  • Dragging Global Access Level Group to a personnel group did not obey Download on Demand settings 
  • Inovonics: Saved Trigger’s Monitor Points showed *None* 
  • Host macro report wasn't producing all the correct information 
  • Fixed an issue in the “dnaSrvCred.exe” utility causing it to set username/password incorrectly in the registry 


  • Added Mercury LP Firmware Version to the install 
  • Updated the OO Data Extractor Install with version 
  • Fixed the default installation directories for the Legacy Access Level Converter and Milestone/3x Logic Converters not being placed in the correct directory. 
  • Made SQL Express 2019 the default SQL Server install 
  • Added Mercury LP Firmware Version to the install 
  • Install crashed when installing a client on Windows 11 (Can't create the Proxy) 
  • Updated the “Overwatch” and “pivClass” packages for Mercury controllers, Removed weak cipher (DES-CBC3-SHA) from list of supported ciphers (SD-2645) 
  • Updated the “pivCLASS” package to the latest executables ( 
    • Secured Messaging Authentication now correctly validates cards when the intermediate CVC and the card CVC use different signature algorithms 
    • Fixed problem on heavily loaded panels where readers could randomly stop processing cards or report being unlicensed. 
    • No longer will connect without TLS, and restricted available ciphers to secure ones 
    • Addressed permission issue where web page test connection was not working properly 
    • Addressed issue that caused second test connection to fail 
    • Additional change related to permission issue with web page test connection 


Isonas Driver ( 

  • Added support for special card formatting to allow multiple facility codes while maintaining the original card numbers in the UI 
  •  Fixed data field definitions incorrectly defined as NOT NULL in both Keycards and Personnel tables 
  •  Reworked the Inbound Listening code to improve how it handles problems with transferring control as well as improved logging 
  •  Added logic to allow fallback to MSMQ for Events when system is unable to send event of TCP/IP channel 
  •  Added logic to reduce the amount of redundant controller status requests to limit the load on DNA Driver 
  •  Large (64 Bit) Smart Card reads would result in high order bits being truncated and resulting in incorrect card numbers 

Inovonics Mobile Duress Driver (

  • Changed the mechanism used to for generating Client IDs when connecting to MQTT server to reduce the chance of having duplicates
  • Fixed issue with the Database Model after columns were renamed

Engage Driver ( 

  • Added support in the Log Analyzer for full 64 bit card numbers

  • Ensured that UniqueKey for V8 is properly decorated in Entity Framework to avoid potential incorrect keys 
  •  Incorrect field definitions in the “Keycards” table for “Escort” code could cause exceptions in some cases 
  •  Reworked issues seen in field when adding new Gateways 
  •  Gateways could have their IP Address and SubNet Mask cleared out periodically by the driver 
  •  Reworked the handling of Unique Keys in both Engage.Gateways and Engage.Doors to account upgrades vs new systems. 
  •  When linking doors to a gateway, the LEB doors were not being handled correctly causing them to not show in the available door list. 
  •  Changed the priority of “Events” transmission from TCP/IP 1st to MSMQ 1st - Allowed it to fall back if there's an error 
  •  Added support for 6 Parity Masks and auto created a credential type for 34 Bit Isonas Cards 

Bosch Driver ( 

  • Improved functionality on larger sites and added more configurability to some settings - Included in this are: 
    1. Added “CommandWaitTime” column to the Bosch.Panel table. This will still default to 5 seconds but is used in situations where some controllers may be on slow links and respond slowly 
    2. Added back the functionality to force a restart when the panel did not respond. Otherwise, you will have the potential of command/response getting out of sync 
    3. Added setting to database that allows the Discovery process on driver start up to be off by default as you can still kick off the discovery process from the UI (no UI interface right now - setting is in Bosch Discover on Startup
    4. Ensured that no commands are transmitted from the priority queue when the driver is negotiating with the panel on initial startup 
  • Fixed issues with improperly handing initial status when the full Discovery function is turned off 
  •  Fixed possible issue with null reference when processing incoming messages 
  •  Improved detection of server side (panel) disconnects 

Schindler Driver (  

  • Fixed data field definitions incorrectly defined as “NOT NULL” in both Keycards and Personnel tables 

Kone Driver ( 

  • Driver updated to version 

ThyssenKrupp Driver ( 

  • Driver updated to version 

OpenDX (6.45) 

  • Fixed issues with processing CSV headers enclosed in quotes 
  •  Added ability for OpenDX to always import photos as the 1st photo and not necessarily keep adding new photos to the end of the list. 
  •  Added new destination {Find Active Card} to allow card operations to occur on most recent active card w/o knowing that card number 
  •  Improved the handling of regional settings with regards to dates 
  •  Added support for 64 bit card numbers to Open DX - Requires DNA Fusion 8.1.1.x or greater and special upgrade scripts (Contact Technical Support before trying to test this feature as it requires special DB scripts) 

DNA Alarm Service 

  • Rebuilt Alarm Service install with latest BCG/IPWorks support files and cleaned up connection string for Dust 

ADSync Service ( 

  • Added logic to ensure the “SyncOnStartup” element is converted properly (True->true, False->false) when upgrading from the Plugin 

DNA Time and Attendance 1.24 

  • Reworked how card numbers are handled to correct issues with card numbers greater than 32 bits.
OO Log Archiving Utility 
  • Added functionality to auto upload logs as they become available. 
  •  Added support for Inovonics Duress Pendant Integration 

DNA Version


RELEASE DATE August 3, 2021



  • Dragging a card to another card in the personnel tree (to assign access levels) did now shows the new access levels if the destination card is already opened.

  • Sped up the Initial FusionX filter syncing for sites with large numbers of operators

  • Added support for AD-302 and AD-402 to the ONR network updates
  • Added support for the Mercury Elevator Floor Access transaction (tranTypeCoSElevator)
  • Updated Mercury OSDP Support to match the latest documentation
  • Added Doors to the list of BACnet devices
  • Updated Report Recurrence dialog to BCG Themed Version
  • Added support for ONR Firmware updates to Engage 485 Gateway/Locks
  • Added functionality to allow external messages delivered via the MSMQ event queue to participate in the Kone Card Swipe logic
  • Added an option for Single Sign-On when using AWS and NT Authentication
  • Added 3xLogics to MileStone Converter Utility
  • Added ability to control Photo Recall using an internal Time Schedule
  • Added Tiered Licensing scheme support to be used with FusionX Users
  • Changed all UI elements that refer to Mercury Controllers and subcontrollers using OO nomenclature to now refer to them by Mercury's naming scheme
  • Added licensing support for FusionX Users
  • Started the process of improving icons and toolbar images (this will be a gradual process over time) - Started with Operator Profiles Dialog
  • Logging for Schindler Driver Status was excessive - Needs to be once per minute
  • Upgraded Icons on the Trace History Dialog
  • Allowed default assignment of Tenant to a controller when adding new controllers
  • Changed verbiage on 'Use Daylight savings' to 'Use Daylight Saving'
  • Added Card Formats utility to the install and 'Built-In' Tools Menu
  • Morpho -Add Option to Allow Switch of all Bio Users to a Default Group
  • Filter Tree Improvements
  • Improved "Select Macro List" dialog in HBM
  • Adjusted numerous buttons sizes to a standard height of 19 pix and a minimum width of 50 pix
  • Added support for new parameters for OOLogs in the Built-In Tools
  • Added support for the Engage Gateway firmware version to be stored in database
  • Added support for Isonas Status messages to be mapped and sent to FlexV2
  • Added support for remapping and relaying Engage Status messages to the Flex Service
  • Prevent Operators from having a duplicate email
  • Removed the Macro function for SIO Hex Out functionality
  • Added support for routing ASSA Commands via MSMQ (used with FlexV2)
  • Added logic to ensure that Message Queues created by the driver (vs. the various services) have permissions set for DNAUsers
  • Added support for retrieving the Battery Voltage data from dormakaba Doors and Report that in Tool Tips, etc.
  • Added support for relaying ASSA status messages over the named pipe to FlexV2
  • Added External Hardware Integration
  • Added support for Honeywell PW7K1IC Controller (Beta - needs testing with actual board)
  • Added the ability to "promote" Honeywell controllers. Includes the ability to target the new PW7K1IC
  • Added support for External Driver status messages for FlexV2
  • Changed the bitmap used for Multi-Edit buttons from Pencil to Padlock
  •  Updated the Mercury Zero Configuration Utility to support the new Honeywell PW7K1IC/PRO4200 Controllers
  •  Added MR62E as an option to Honeywell, Casi, and SW controllers. Previously they could only add MR51E
  • Added "Hidden" option to allow adding Mercury based SIOs to the PW7K1IC and PRO4200 Honeywell controllers
  • Added support for new Honeywell Series 3 subcontrollers (PW7K1R2..., PRO42R2...)
  • The Operator Name drop-down is now sorted by name.

Hot Fixes

  • Fixed issue where Acknowledged Alarm Report does not show Area Addresses correctly

  • Fixed issue where dragging a card to another card in the personnel tree can create a new card node

  • Fixed issue where Selection list boxes for Controllers with SSP Lists or Tenants can incorrectly show items in random colors

  • Fixed issue where Do not allow duplicate entries in [MMBB1_AccessGroup and MMBB1_User_Xref_AccessGroup tables

  • Fixed issue where Some panel promotion scenarios can result in the On-Board subcontroller not being created and an error generated.

  • Fixed issue where Direct Commands coming from Flex V1 and V2 are not being executed due to the DateRequested.  Add code to account for this.

  • Fixed issue where The Status and Events JSON used for FusionX is not properly escaping special characters
  • Fixed issue where Controllers Status does not show offline after Driver goes offline.
  • Fixed issue where Customer is able to add NDE Gateway w/o having a license.
  • Fixed issue where Elevator doors with feed-back do not report the floor selected. Instead it shows UNKNOWN DOOR
  • Fixed issue where Who Has Access Doors report is not following Tenants
  • Removed explicit references to the [DNAFusion] database in the Non-Use Report
  • Fixed issue where Door Access Report does not work correctly for Non-Mercury Doors (see Description for more details)
  • Fixed issue where When tenants is turned on - Door Access Profile report displays individual access levels and doors in the parameter section of the report rather than <All Doors>, etc.
  •  Added audits for group edits of personnel/cards much like we do for single edits
  • Fixed issue where When using the feature to treat username as a station Tenant settings may not load correctly on startup.
  • Fixed issue where Editing certain Kone DOPs/Groups would result in an error message when saving the audit due to a field containing too much data
  • Fixed issue where install/Update script incorrectly shows Kone Event 1904 as Online and it should be Offline
  • Fixed issue whereRemove explicit references to the [DNAFusion] database in the Non-Use Report
  • Fixed issue where Tooltip not showing door/elevator Extended Modes
  • Fixed issue where Holiday Set Properties displays wrong Set number on Double Click
  • Fixed issue where Channels Report - Controller Type showing incorrectly for Remote TCP/IP
  • Fixed issue where Removing a point shows the dialog incorrectly. This appears to be related to using Large Fonts
  • Fixed issue where System is no longer properly detecting Large Font Modes (i.e. 125%) and using the normal screen
  • Fixed issue where Out Door Default Mode corrupted on Master Door save
  • Fixed issue where Driver may execute old Pending Commands
  • Fixed issue where Host-based Macros events for SSP Tamper do not fire
  • Fixed issue where Creating a Host Based Macro using Macro Lists with no Macros selected will run recursively and crash the driver.
  • Fixed issue where Cardholder added to Personnel Group despite not having User Rights
  • Fixed issue where Cardholder - CardLess Report does not display cardholder when its selected Location contains a single quote.
  • Fixed issue where Getting a "Failed to send time to SCP due to not knowing base year" error in startup debug file.
  • Enabled Dual Port functionality for LP4502
  • When Tenants are enabled, changing permissions does not update the Access Level tree without restarting the DNA Client
  • Using replaceable parameters based on personnel for Events not related to access can result in an error.
  • Fixed issue where Dual-port commands are off by one.
  • Fixed issue where It is possible to have valid Global Access Levels show up as disabled even though the operator has access to them when running Tenants/Filtering/etc.
  • Fixed issue where Removing a door linked to a Kone DOP does not remove the reference to the door
  • Fixed issue where When removing Mercury doors from the system it was possible to orphan internal data records if the door was part of Global Access Level
  • Fixed OEM code for Vanderbilt controllers
  • Fixed issue where Selecting multiple users from a Personnel Group and choosing 'Remove From Group' will remove users even if you select 'No' on the confirmation prompt
  • Fixed issue where Promoting controllers to an 4502 can result in incorrect sub-controller descriptions and channels.
  • Fixed issue where Cardholder Use Limit not correctly setting the limits when changing value on cardholder dialog.
  • Fixed issue where Access rights for the “Facility Code” field on the cardholder screen not working properly
  • Fixed issue where The "Discrete Alarm" feature no longer functions as it should in version 8.x
  • Fixed issue where “None” option of Cardholder/Card Field "Issue Code" in Operator Profile not working properly
  • Fixed issue where When controlling an output point via the interactive control dialog the visual scale did not match the actual min/max values
  • Fixed issue where When editing multiple points the common Alarm section would enable Alarm Media (and other fields) incorrectly
  • Fixed issue where Access Level Last Used Report not showing Users with no Company
  • Fixed issue where Cannot add a Slave Reader to a Pair Door when the sub-controller is downstream on a 1501
  • Fixed issue where Clearing All Alarms can cause the 'Acknowledge By' field to be invalid if the user that Clears the alarms is different than the user that Acknowledged the Alarms
  • Fixed issue where The Copy Access Levels from Another Card feature will assign levels that are filtered.


  • Added OO Log Archiver service. This can be used to maintain log files for long periods even if it’s a high-volume site.
  • Updated OOTools utility to support the OO Log Archiver backups


  • Added new Mercury firmware version for the MP02

  • Updated DNA Diagnostic utility. No longer gather unnecessary Flex files causing large Diagnostic files and fix the Slack URL
  •  Multiple improvements to the BackupDBScheduleScript utility
  • Added “Calculate Archivable Days” utility as a Built-In tool
  • Changed the install logic around the DNAFusion Plugins. Previously it would overwrite all plugins and the manager every time but with some new versions coming that won’t work.
  • Added CardFormats utility to the Tools folder.
  • Added updated Isonas Firmware RC04 (78.01), RC03 Classic (31.03), IPBridgeV2 (1.17)
  • Updated the DNAQueue utility to handle permissions more gracefully.
  • Fixed database update script to account for errors when upgrading to V8 from versions prior to V7. Schindler Tables specifically
  • Added new -sd and -ed parameters to the Built-In Tools parameters for OOLogs utility
  • Expanded the size of the Description column in TKE.AccessLevel to 255 characters to match Global Access Level
  • Added new ExtHardware.* tables to the default configuration files for the OO Data Extractor

Active Directory Sync Utility (1.0)

  • DNA Operator Sync moved to service along with general improvements.

OpenDX (6.40)

  • Added support for Handkey Biometric data
  • Changed behavior of the {Set Use Limit} function to it not only updates the database but updates the panel current value
  • Changed {Remove Access Level Group} so that it uses Access Level Mapping if present
  • Changed the logging level in the {Delete Cards} cards so you don't have to have Debug turned on in order to see what cards have been deleted.
  • Added Global Access Level Mapping that can work in place of or with existing package based Access Level Mapping
  • Changed auditing of add and removing Access Level Groups to mimic what is done in DNAFusion

Isonas Driver (

  • Fixed issue where in some cases a disconnected socket can cause a Batch Processing Thread to be shut down
  • Added better exception handling around the Discovery Process
  • Added initial support for the UniqueKey field needed for FlexV2
  • Added support for UniqueKey in FlexV2 Event processing

Engage Driver (

  • Added latest Engage Firmware Files to the install -7.6 Release from 5/5/21
  • Fixed issue where When downloading Door Schedules Realtime Clock values can get behind in some situations
  • Added functionality to ensure all gateways get their time synched at 2:30am
  • Altered the way Gateway Configuration Commands are routed to improve performance when large numbers of gateways are in play
  • Added support for pulling Engage Gateway Diagnostic data on Demand (Note: See Dev about this. Only used in special circumstances)
  • Added ability to override the URLs generated for gateway firmware downloads
  • Added support for Gateway firmware version to be stored in the database
  • Changed JSON serialization around the sshEnable and fwUrl in the configuration block
  • Added support for UniqueKey in transactions for FlexV2 compatibility

Bosch Driver (

  • Updated with this release

Schindler Driver (

  • Updated with this release

Kone Driver (

  • Changed logic to ensure that Dispatch Events are only generated from the Primary Controller

TKE Driver (

  • Expanded the size of the Description column in TKE.AccessLevel to 255 characters to match Global Access Level