SMS Software Version 6.4.5


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  • New or upgraded v6.4.x installations will include a one-time use, unlimited SMS functionality, 5-day “Installation License”
  • The Field Exchange Utility is no longer required to generate a Locking Code in order to bind the SMS license to the SP Host system or to install the license. Simply forward the “SMS.lic” file located in the BIN folder on the SP host to Vanderbilt along with the Device Inventory Report. The SP will automatically create the file and fingerprint the system on initial startup which will be used to bind the SMS license to the system. Vanderbilt will return the SMS.lic file containing the appropriate licenses for the installation.
  • Support remote database upgrade from SP host system.
  • Configuration of CIM to controller lost connection polling. Contact Technical Support.
  • Update firmware for VR-1, VRI-2, VRI-16IN and VI-16O attached to Authentic Mercury protocol controllers.
  • The mCIM now records Authentic Mercury protocol controller firmware versions in the SMS database on connection
  • Native support for VRI-1S3, VRI-2S3, VI-16INS3 and VI-16OS3 (red) when connected to Authentic Mercury protocol controllers. These peripherals will work when defined as their Series 2 (green) equivalents, but firmware updates require that they be defined correctly.
  • Create MROs for updating firmware on creation of VRI-1S3, VRI-2S3, VI-16INS3 and VI-16OS3 attached to Authentic Mercury protocol controllers.
  • SMS v6.4.5 includes a DSR Bridge Service compatible with Assa Abloy DSR v8.0.11.
  • SMS v6.4.5 includes support for the Aperio IN100 v3 lock with AROs and MROs. MROs are supported with the AH30 v3 Gen 4 hub (available immediately) and newer. Requires AH30 v3 Gen 5 hub for ARO support (expected availability Q4 2020).

Hot Fixes

  • Poor performance loading camera control records with more than 100 camera control records defined.
  • Holidays could be added to the default “No Defined Holidays” Holiday Set.

Full Release: SMSv6.4.5